Struggling Matthew Stafford passes Moon on NFL All-Time passing list

Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports /

So far, the LA Rams are not exactly getting the best game out of quarterback Matthew Stafford. But they are getting enough out of him to open up a ten-point lead at halftime despite a short week and an early game time on the road. So far Stafford has thrown 15 of 25 passes for 120 yards and one interception.

While that may not draw any oohs or ahhs from you, it is enough to move Stafford up the rungs of NFL All-Time career passing yards.  While there is still a half to play, the Rams starting quarterback has been struggling to get the ball into the hands of the open receiver today.

Still, the Rams are solidly in the lead and will get the kickoff after the half. The fact is that with now two offensive linemen out (more on that later), it makes more sense for the Rams to run the football in this one.

Stafford struggling as the Rams keep passing

But the Rams have been getting some offense via the passing game, enough to help Stafford to become the NFL’s 12th All-Time career passing leader. Unfortunately, Stafford has not thrown any touchdowns but has now thrown two interceptions.

The LA Rams quarterback is streaky, and Week 16 clearly appears to be a game where he is just not throwing it on the mark.  Of course, the offense could help him out quite a bit by running the ball more often. The Rams have passed 26 times but only rushed 15 times. Meanwhile, Sony Michel has already rushed for 72 yards on only 12 carries.

The Rams quarterback has already thrown three interceptions in this one, with no touchdown passes. That’s not all on him folks. The offense purposefully tries to pass while ignoring the benefits of the Ram’s strong running game against the Vikings’ porous run defense.

Why oh why do the Rams ignore a strong running game to force a struggling quarterback to pass the ball? The answer is in the mind of head coach Sean McVay folks.

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