LA Rams mock 2022 NFL Draft, grabbing OL and Edge value

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Is it too soon to start thinking about the 2022 NFL Draft? Perhaps it is. After all, looking forward into the eye of the abyss that is the 2022 NFL Draft is not the wellspring of optimism and hope for the LA Rams as it is for 31 other NFL teams.

After the LA Rams had traded for quarterback Matthew Stafford, running back Sony Michel, and outside linebacker Von Miller, all players on limited shelf life in their current contracts, the Rams emptied their coffers of future draft picks. The idea was simplistic. The LA Rams have a window to win now, so they converted their currency from short-term future assets into current assets.

Worth the risk?

Did the plan work? Well the LA Rams are 11-4 with two games remaining, and the team is currently atop the NFC West Division, arguably the toughest division in the NFL. But spending so much on today’s roster, right or wrong, has depleted much of the value of what the team may have spent in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Of course, it will all be worth it if the team is able to win Super Bowl LVI, and at SoFi Stadium no less. The Rams organization has never wilted went there was a risky but rewarding opportunity to better the team. Of course, placing wagers means settling at the end of the night. When the 2022 NFL Draft arrives, the Rams will settle up after taking chances on some of the best NFL veterans available.

But that won’t be as entertaining for fans, will it? So while your enthusiasm for the 2022 NFL Draft may not be bursting at the seams, this is a crucial event for an LA Rams team that had suddenly pivoted from one of the youngest teams in the NFL with ample depth to a somewhat aging team with shallow depth projected for 2022. Let’s peel back the cover of the LA Rams 2022 NFL Draft and see what tales may lie in wait for the Rams next year?