LA Rams pass rush could dominate against Ravens in Week 17

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The LA Rams may not possess the top-rated pass rush in the NFL right now, but a solid showing against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 17 could make them one of the most feared pass-rushes heading into the NFL Playoffs.

The LA Rams are queuing up against the Baltimore Ravens, an NFL Team that just so happens to be one of the worst teams in terms of protecting their quarterback. In 15 games, the Ravens are tied with the Chicago Bears in allowing 49 quarterback sacks so far this season. On a per-game basis, that works out to 3.25 quarterback sacks per game.

The Rams pass rush has already brought down opposing quarterback 42 times. On a per-game basis, that works out to 2.8 quarterback sacks per game. Now, you do not need a Ph.D. in advanced calculus to determine where this is heading, do you? In short, whoever stands behind the offensive center for the Ravens in Week 17 is going to be running for his life.

While Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has not played in a while, don’t look for the Ravens to sit him this week. The Rams are to the breaking point of post-season play, and the fact is that if the Ravens lose to the Rams, their season suddenly looks very dim for a playoff berth. Right now, Jackson’s status is questionable. But with no tomorrow, I’m expecting him to play.

Jackson is the NFL poster-child for dual-threat quarterbacks.

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Not only is he a very capable rusher (he still leads the Ravens in rushing despite missing three games), but he is also a very capable passer as well. So who do the Rams stop a quarterback from escaping the pocket and gashing the defense for limitless first downs? Let’s go over some of the players who will be hunting quarterbacks for the defense in Week 17.