LA Rams pass rush could dominate against Ravens in Week 17

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The other guys

The LA Rams traded for OLB Von Miller, who arrived at the team in time to suit for Week 10. Before his arrival, the team relied on the combination of OLB Terrell Lewis and OLB Ogbonnia Okoronkwo to apply pressure on the quarterback. Of late, it’s been primarily up to Obo to handle the rotational role. And to tell you the truth, I’m not exactly sure why. The last time Lewis saw playing time was the Week 12 loss to the Green Bay Packers. Since that game? Butkus.

That’s been a bit surprising, particularly in the face of the fact that the Rams had to play a game on December 21st, and then suit up once more to play on December 26th. Even as the team scrambled to pull together enough healthy players to compete, Terrell Lewis was a healthy scratch in both games.

More talent than opportunity

The matter may simply be one of logistics. After all, the Rams are crash coursing Miller to get as much out of him as possible. But putting Lewis on the shelf and sticking with Okoronkwo is a bit confusing, as Obo has remained silent despite taking the field in three of the team’s last four games.

Of course, the Rams had sprinkled in a bit of Jamir Jones on defense, and have gradually been building Justin Hollins workload to ease him back into the fray. With Jones waived, the Rams will have a chance to rework both Lewis and Okoronkwo into the rotation, and I expect that to happen in Week 17.

Containing Jackson will most certainly require fresh legs, and rotating both Lewis and Okoronkwo puts fresh legs onto the football field. The Rams have two games to see what either young outside linebacker can offer to the defense in the post-season. I look for at least one to show up and get a sack in this one.