LA Rams pass rush could dominate against Ravens in Week 17

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The reason he’s here

The LA Rams’ reason for adding veteran outside linebacker Von Miller to this roster was never about assembling a cast of NFL Hollywood stars. In fact, that is the furthest thing from the team’s mind as they traded two picks for the edge rusher.

As more and more teams try to break ground on a more versatile and dangerous offense, more and more teams are turning to the dual-threat quarterback. At one point, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was the only NFC West quarterback who could beat you with his legs. But the Arizona Cardinals added quarterback Kyler Murray. This year, the San Francisco 49ers have added rookie quarterback Trey Lance. Suddenly, the Rams will face a steady diet of mobile quarterbacks for the foreseeable future.

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Mobile QB? Meet Von Miller

Von Miller is the best defender against a mobile QB in the NFL. How so? If you watch him play, you will see that his first priority is to set a clear edge that gives him the perfect position to take away the quarterback’s outside scramble option. Once there, he closes in on the quarterback and gets the sack.

In a defense made up of 11 players, it’s vital that each individual excels at his primary responsibility. For the Rams, that means outside linebackers must force the action inside, where other players have a chance at making the play. It was that headsy type of play that earned Miller his first quarterback sack as an LA Rams defender against Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

It’s how he will have a chance at his first multiple-sack game against Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.