LA Rams pass rush could dominate against Ravens in Week 17

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The Big Dawg is off his leash

Of course, we cannot mention the LA Rams pass rush without giving All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald his due. Do you think that the current LA Rams winning streak coinciding with a late-season surge from Aaron Donald is just happenstance? If you say yes, you need to read the next chapter very closely.

After reaching a record of 7-4, Donald had just six quarterback sacks, 51 tackles, nine tackles for a loss, and one forced fumble. Of course, some unsuspecting fans poked the Big Dawg and wondered if he was already on his decline. Oh, how foolish some fans can be under the anonymous protection of social media and the comments sections.

Thank Donald for the win streak

Over the past four games, in which the Rams have risen to a 4-0 record, Donald has been on fire. He has chalked up six quarterback sacks, 20 tackles, eight tackles for a loss, a deflected pass (that resulted in a crucial interception), and two forced fumbles.

Both the Rams organization and Aaron Donald himself know that the key to the LA Rams winning a Super Bowl must include Donald at his peak. At the beginning of the season, who can fault the guy for taking a measured approach to each game? Now, in the think of the playoff hunt and with no more than a maximum of six games remaining for the LA Rams team this season, including playoffs, the Big Dawg is off his leash and running wild.

How can we be so sure? In their first matchup against the Arizona Cardinals, Donald was held to only four tackles and had zero pressure on the quarterback the entire game. In the rematch? Donald dominated the Cardinals: He registered three quarterback sacks, five tackles, three tackles for a loss, three quarterback hits, and even deflected a pass.

When Aaron Donald is fired up, he is the most dominating player in the NFL. And yes, he’s fired up right now.

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