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Okay, here we are at 11-4 and locked in on the NFL Playoffs. The LA Rams are currently the third-seeded team in the NFC. To win a better seed in the post-season, the LA Rams must win out, and the Green Bay Packers and/or the Dallas Cowboys must lose. How likely is that?

Perhaps it’s more possible than you may think?

After all, this is the time of year where teams that are locked in may sit some starters to rest up for the win-or-go-home NFL Playoffs that arrive in just three weeks. It’s that will-they-or-won’t-they play chaos that makes the final games of the season so very unpredictable.

The reasons are simple. Why risk a player to injury if there is little to be gained by the risk?  Right now, teams that are in the playoffs are most certainly having that debate right now. Should the Green Bay Packers risk injury to QB Aaron Rodgers now that they’ve locked up the NFC North Division Crown? Or is that first week of the NFL Playoffs BYE so valuable that it warrants putting their starters at risk?

Start ’em, or sit ’em?

Let’s elaborate further. The only team with a realistic chance of dethroning the Green Bay Packers from the top-seed of the NFC Playoff track is the Dallas Cowboys. So the Cowboys game against the Arizona Cardinals is vital for their chances at getting a playoff BYE week.

But the Cardinals at the Cowboys game will be over at 4:30 pm PT, while the Packers will host the visiting Minnesota Vikings at 5:20 pm PT. Should the Packers sit their starters if the Cardinals win? Would you?

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These are the type of cat-and-mouse decisions that will face teams over the next two weeks. Some teams will gamble at competing in what will prove to be less meaningful games and lose players to injury. So now for that important conversation that we promised with the title of this article. How should the LA Rams approach the next two games?