Will LA Rams costly injuries open door for Akers early return?

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When the LA Rams prepared to take the football field in Week 16, the team’s running back room looked as full and capable as it has since the 2021 NFL season began. Still, it was too full, as evidenced by the team’s willingness to waive RB Mekhi Sargent. If the plan was to add Sargent to the practice squad? Think again.

Both Sargent and teammate OLB Jamir Jones needed to clear waivers to sign back with the LA Rams. That didn’t happen.

So, so long Mekhi Sargent

Rams roster needs quality depth

Quality roster depth is awfully hard to come by this late in the season. One game, one injury, can disrupt a team’s rotation just that quickly. So it goes for the Rams roster because after another injury to running back Darrell Henderson, the Rams’ backup position to running back Sony Michel appears a bit shaky at best.

An injury this late could be very problematic. The minimum amount of time for a player to be on Injured Reserve is three weeks. With just two games remaining in the regular season, the Rams will need to win at least one playoff game to have any hope of returning Henderson to the regular roster.

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Of course, it won’t end there. To return him to the 53-man roster, a spot must be freed up. In any NFL Playoff scenario, teams typically make as much use of the entire roster whenever possible to limit the grueling wear and tear on the starters and primary rotational players. Even if the team has the opportunity to return Henderson to the roster, another contributor faces being waived.