Will LA Rams costly injuries open door for Akers early return?

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RB replacement II

The LA Rams may not see rookie running back Jake Funk as someone who possesses home-run potential, but that isn’t what the team needs right now. Wants? Perhaps. But not needs. Right now, the LA Rams need a running back who is durable, will maintain possession of the ball and could get some good runs in.

Two out of three ain’t bad, right?

While Funk is a rookie who was drafted by the LA Rams in the seventh round of the 2021 NFL Draft, he certainly has not seen much action in the way of offensive snaps. So far, he’s been on the football field for just 19 hikes of the football.

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Let’s get the Funk

Of course, for most of his season, he has been the guy buried on the team’s depth chart. Whether the team started Darrell Henderson or Sony Michel, Funk was no higher than third in a two-player rotation. That has pretty much negated any chances for Funk to show off any football heroics.

Complicating the matter a bit more, Funk has excelled at special teams covering punts and kickoffs. Since he has been one of few standout performers in that regard, the Rams coaching staff has been a bit reluctant to multi-task him with more than a rookie can handle in his first NFL season.

Now that the LA Rams are down to the final two regular-season contests, there is far less value to holding back from taking full advantage of any player. The Rams need a running back to step up right now and help carry the load with Sony Michel. This is a golden opportunity for Jake Funk to impress the coaches and earn some quality playing time in 2022. It’s now or never.

Let’s Get The Funk.