Will LA Rams costly injuries open door for Akers early return?

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Is this the real life, or is it just fantasy?

While this may not be an occasion to quote the lyrics of the Queen hit song, Bohemian Rhapsody, it is certainly an occasion to pinch yourself to ensure that you are not dreaming.

Yes, we are about to mention the possibility, no, the probability that running back Cam Akers will shake off his Achilles Tendon injury and resume competing in the NFL for the LA Rams at running back. Is this just a PR stunt? Is this just to buoy the mood of the team? You tell me. It certainly didn’t sound that way when head coach Sean McVay cited the chances of Akers playing in Week 17.

Of course, McVay used the term possibility, a far cry from likely. But even discussing the remote chance of Akers suiting up and playing in Week 17 is nothing short of a medical miracle. But this is not his first time recovering from an injury that typically sidelines a player for a substantial amount of time.

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Is Cam Akers Wolverine or Deadpool?

Do you recall that high-ankle sprain suffered in Week 15 against the New York Jets? That type of injury can sideline a running back up to 6-8 weeks. Not Cam Akers. He was back on the football field in Week 17, ensuring that the team would win and claim a playoff berth. Does he have some mutant gene that promotes rapid healing, something like the X-man superhero Wolverine or Deadpool?

Whatever the cause, Cam Akers is in the discussion for a Week 17 appearance. And if he lines up in the backfield, you can bet the offensive linemen will dig in for an extra oomph to break him free for a good run.

Will he be back? Why doubt it? It’s just the type of miracle that would showcase a Super Bowl run for the Rams. So keep believin’, folks. Keep believin’.

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