8 LA Rams players who won’t be back in 2022

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2022 Rams roster challenges

Above all of the roster moves is the overlying consideration for awarded Compensatory picks in the 2023 NFL Draft. Right now, the LA Rams are likely to have six draft picks for the 2023 NFL Draft. But with Comp picks, that number could grow to 10.

So part of the delicate matter over who stays and who goes must include a discussion over which players possess the hottest free-agent market. As the Rams consider who to prioritize to keep, the team will, at some point, weigh the value of projected compensatory picks to be awarded from that player. If two players are similar in value to the team, but one commands a projected third-round comp pick while another commands a sixth-round comp pick, look for the Rams to retain the player with a sixth-round pick projection.

Well, throwing punchlines and ‘F*** Them Picks!’ emojis aside, it truly complicates the job of the front office in attempting to replace 19 potential free agents for the 2022 season. And despite the anticipated increase of the 2022 NFL salary cap, the LA Rams will not suddenly be awash with money.

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Rebuilding the Rams roster

So here we go again, right? The LA Rams front office has been handicapped will little money to spend and enough draft picks numerically, but seven of their eight projected draft picks will occur on Day 3 of the draft. That may be where the team operates most efficiently, but will certainly not be where the team will find immediate starters.

In the NFL, there is the inevitable threat of duplication. If the LA Rams are too successful, other teams will cannibalize the organization’s rank and file to get a jump start on replicating that level of success in their own organization. But there are only so many undervalued veterans and overlooked roster prospects available.  So the more competition will simply dilute the return of that strategy.

On a more positive note, per Spotrac.com, the LA Rams project to have 44 players return to the roster in 2022. Pragmatically speaking, that leaves just nine active roster spots to fill. In theory? That happens almost automatically by extending ERFAs and inbound rookies from the NFL draft. Anything beyond that addresses those players who will be competing for a chance to make next year’s roster, and in doing so will simply replace, not add to, the financial cost equation for next year’s salary cap.