Revisiting the LA Rams record against ‘good’ teams in 2021

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams have pretty much gotten a bad rap this year, particularly in the context of beating good teams. For much of the season, the narrative insisted upon the fact that the Rams wilted whenever confronting good opposition. All the while, we remained silent on the matter. Well, we can remain silent no longer.

Yes, the LA Rams have lost four games, and have lost those games to pretty stiff competition. But the Rams have beaten some good teams too. Let’s go down the list, shall we? But before we do, here is the LA Rams 2021 NFL schedule, complete with the post-Week 15 records of each opponent. We’ve even added the uniform worn by the LA Rams in that game.

Week Opponent Uniform Outcome

Week 1: vs Chicago (5-10)         White/Sol W 34-13
Week 2: @ Indianapolis (9-6)    Bone/Royal W 27-24
Week 3: vs Tampa Bay (11-4)    Bone/Bone W 34-24
Week 4: vs Arizona (10-5)          Royal/Royal L 37-20
Week 5: @ Seattle (5-10)           Bone/Royal W 26-17
Week 6: @ NYGiants (4-11)       Royal/Sol W 38-11
Week 7: vs Detroit (2-12-1)       Royal/Bone W 28-19
Week 8: @ Houston (4-11)        Bone/Sol W 38-22
Week 9: vs. Tennessee (10-5)    White/Sol L 28-16
Week 10: @ San Fran (8-7)        White/Royal L 31-10
Week 11: BYE WEEK
Week 12: @ Green Bay  (12-3)   Bone/Royal L 36-28
Week 13: vs. Jacksonville (2-13) Royal/Bone W 37-7
Week 14: @ Arizona (10-5)         Bone/Bone W 30-23
Week 15: vs. Seattle (5-10)         Royal/Bone W 20-10
Week 16: @ Minnesota (7-8)      Bone/Sol W 30-23
Week 17: @ Baltimore  (8-7)       Bone/ TBD
Week 18: vs. San Fran (8-7)         Royal/TBD

Losses to ‘good’ opponents:

Week 4: Arizona (10-5)
Week 9: Tennessee (10-5)
Week 10: San Franciso (8-7)
Week 12 Green Bay (12-3)
Totals:  4 losses to teams with 40 wins 20 losses

Victories over good opponents:

Week 2: Indianapolis (9-6)
Week 3: Tampa Bay (11-4)
Week 14: Arizona (10-5)
Week 16: Minnesota (7-8)
Totals: 4 victories over teams with 37 wins 23 losses

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Compare to the Kansas City Chiefs

For comparison’s sake, the Kansas City Chiefs have lost four games as well. Nobody doubts their ability to defeat good teams, do they? And yet, they’ve lost the same number of losses. To who?

Week 2: Baltimore (8-7)
Week 3: LA Chargers (8-7)
Week 5: Buffalo (9-6)
Week 7: Tennessee (10-5)
Totals: 4 losses to teams with 35 wins and 25 losses.

The Chiefs did defeat the Packers (in Kansas City), the Cowboys (in Kansas City), the Raiders (twice), and the LA Chargers once.  In the end, their four wins came against teams with 39 wins 21 losses.

If the LA Rams and the 11-4 record were in the AFC right now, the Rams would be the top-seeded AFC team. As hard as the NFL tries to make things balanced and equal, it isn’t. The Rams played different teams at different times of the season. If you want to create a false narrative about the LA Rams or the Kansas City, you can cherry-pick the data to create whatever story you wish to tell.

But it comes down to this. The LA Rams are 11-4, and only one team has a better record at this point in time – the Green Bay Packers. The Rams lost that game at Lambeau Field by eight points and spotted the Packers a pick-six. The LA Rams also gifted the Packers a fumble at their own 21-yard line. The Packers drove that in for another short-field touchdown, and the result was that the Rams gift-wrapped the margin of victory.

The Rams have beaten good football teams this year. And now, with a dependable running game, they will do so again.

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