Here are 8 LA Rams players who will be back in 2022

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Unfinished business

While there is a chance that NFL teams will have a significant interest in signing the LA Rams young nose tackle Sebastian Joseph Day to a multi-year deal, I’m more of the opinion that his season-ending injury will depress his market value enough to stick around with the team a bit longer.

The LA Rams love Bash, and Bash has truly made a home in Los Angeles. With the recent heroics of Greg Gaines, some may believe that the team will be willing to part ways with SJD here and now, and embrace new players who will be ready for larger roles next season. I see it another way.

Bash business unfinished

The Rams love to have strong rotations on the defensive line,  preferably five key contributors and work in one or two additional players. Since Bash has been injured, the Rams rotation has tightened up a bit into four key contributors and the occasional appearance of a fifth player.

SJD was on track for a career-high season, but that was all cut short after just seven games. Now, with an injury, and the track record of promising young defensive players faltering after no longer lining up next to Aaron Donald, SJD’s market value may be too low for his taste.

While some may ask why the Rams would consider bringing back SJD, but let OT Joe Noteboom hit free agency, the answer is simply this. Teams will pay outlandish fees to get an offensive tackle like Noteboom. But SJD won’t be in that tier, and the Rams will see more bang for their buck in extending him.