LA Rams break out their best: Bone on Bone, to face the Baltimore Ravens

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The LA Rams may not be playing within the warm and familiar settings of SoFi Stadium in Week 17, but that is not to say that the team does not have a trick up its sleeve. Even as the team has fought through a grueling 16 games of the 17-game 2021 NFL schedule, there have been other forces at work. Whether you believe in jinxes, lucky charms, Kismet, the Cosmic force of Destiny, or just plain ole ritualistic superstition, this is something that you should be aware of.

The NFL has accepted the home-field advantage perception of the schedule.  But after 15 games, is it truly an advantage?  Home teams have won 121 games so far this year while visiting teams have won 19 games over the same time frame. So how much of advantage has the home field advantage posed so far?

Reeling it in a bit closer to home, the LA Rams have won six of eight games played on the road, and five of seven games played at home. That doesn’t seem like much of a home-field advantage, now does it? But we said that the Rams had a trick up their sleeve, right? Well, how about their Bone pants advantage? What do we mean?  So far this season, these are the LA Rams’ scheduled opponents, complete with their game-day uniforms and final score. Notice a pattern?

Week Opponent Uniform Outcome

Week 1: vs Chicago (5-10) White/Sol W 34-13
Week 2: @ Indianapolis (9-6) Bone/Royal W 27-24
Week 3: vs Tampa Bay (11-4) Bone/Bone W 34-24
Week 4: vs Arizona (10-5) Royal/Royal L 37-20
Week 5: @ Seattle (5-10) Bone/Royal W 26-17
Week 6: @ NYGiants (4-11) Royal/Sol W 38-11
Week 7: vs Detroit (2-12-1) Royal/Bone W 28-19
Week 8: @ Houston (4-11) Bone/Sol W 38-22
Week 9: vs. Tennessee (10-5) White/Sol L 28-16
Week 10: @ San Fran (8-7) White/Royal L 31-10
Week 11: BYE WEEK
Week 12: @ Green Bay (12-3) Bone/Royal L 36-28
Week 13: vs. Jacksonville (2-13) Royal/Bone W 37-7
Week 14: @ Arizona (10-5) Bone/Bone W 30-23
Week 15: vs. Seattle (5-10) Royal/Bone W 20-10
Week 16: @ Minnesota (7-8) Bone/Sol W 30-23
Week 17: @ Baltimore (8-7) Bone/Bone TBD
Week 18: vs. San Fran (8-7) Royal/TBD

Sol pants record:      4-1
Royal pants record: 2-3
Bone pants record:  5-0

So far this season, the LA Rams have struggled whenever they play in Royal pants. But in Bone pants? This team is unbeatable.

It appears as though the LA Rams can win on the road as well as at home. But if the Rams are competing in bone pants? Look out, because their chances of winning have gone up considerably. This game may be played on the other side of the country, and may play their Week 17 game at the early time slot. But the Rams are playing in their lucky Bone pants. If the trend holds, the Rams will get to 12-4 with one game left.

That’s where we predicted them to end up after all.

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