LA Rams WR Cooper Kupp: The Miracle at SoFi Stadium

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In 15 games, LA Rams high-flying wide receiver Cooper Kupp has 1,734 yards and 14 touchdowns. He is catching passes thrown his way at a phenomenal 74.6 percent completion rate. And with three games to go in the 2021 NFL season, he has caught 132 passes. That has set the Rams Franchise All-Time record for receptions in a single season.

In those same 15 games, he has already blown away his career-high season.  In fact, he has already bested the entire season’s yardage of the 2020 NFL top receiver, Buffalo Bills Stefon Diggs in 14 games. And the most curious thing is that Kupp has two more regular-season games to go.

The performance of Cooper Kupp this year is not surprising to anyone who has remained observant of his style of play over his five-year career. After all, the Eastern Washington alumni made it a point to obliterate the secondaries of PAC-12 competition, despite those schools boasting some of the best defensive back prospects in NCAA Football. How good was he? In 2014, he embarrassed both Marcus Peters and Sidney Jones, both of whom were considered first-round prospects.

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He was one of my top-rated rookie prospects in the 2017 NFL Draft, and the fact that he fell to the LA Rams and their 69th pick was a bit mind-blowing to me. Of course, the team eagerly scooped him up. He was just the right size, speed, power, and route-runner for a multi-dimensional receiver. And as fates would determine, he arrived at the LA Rams just as they were transforming the entire offense to the specification of newly hired head coach Sean McVay.