Matthew Stafford’s third turnover reminiscent of Jared Goff frustrations

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(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /

As the LA Rams squeaked into the 2020 NFL Playoffs one year ago, one of the most frustrating parts of the Rams season-long performance was the fact that the team turned over the football 25 times. The Rams had plenty of games in that season that slipped through their hands because the Rams could not maintain a handle on the football.

So far in the 2021 NFL season? The LA Rams have turned over the football 21 times, and the Rams have gifted the football to the Ravens three times in Week 17. 20 of those turnovers are directly attributable to quarterback Matthew Stafford. Stafford entered the contest against the Baltimore Ravens having thrown 13 interceptions and coughed up two fumbles. Against the Ravens, Stafford has thrown two more interceptions and fumbled the ball.

Turnovers destroy playoff hopes

Of course, the LA Rams entered Week 17 having locked up a spot in the playoffs. But once more, the LA Rams face a physical team with an opportunistic defense and a patient offense, and the template that has beaten the Rams in each loss so far this year is beating the Rams once more.

The fact is that the team has now faced the same frustrating performance from two different and successful NFL quarterbacks. The similarities cannot be ignored any longer.

Whether it is the offensive design that has suddenly been figured out or the frustration of trying to be patient that causes the Rams quarterback to try to get too much and make mistakes, it’s impossible to say. Whatever the cause, the results are so very similar that this appears to be a bigger problem than a quarterback.

Good teams play their best football. The Week 17 effort by the Rams offense is not the way you want to see your team enter the post-season. Every NFL Playoff opponent is bearing witness to exactly what the Baltimore Ravens are doing to the Rams in this one.

The Baltimore Ravens have scored 13 points after an LA Rams turnover. If the Rams can find the handle, they are a good team. Turnovers destroy playoff hopes. Right now, the LA Rams are averaging three turnovers per game in the last two contests.

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