LA Rams Von Miller and Odell Beckham Jr., secure 12th W

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Let’s try something a bit differently this morning, okay? After all, the LA Rams are 12-4, and the only team that stands between them and winning the NFC West Division crown is the dreaded San Francisco 49ers. At 13-4, the LA Rams will be the second-seed through the NFL Playoffs, and the only risk of playing on the road will be if they face off against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game.

So how shall we start? Well, here is a Fun Fact: Outside linebacker Von Miller, and wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., are on the same roster.  When the 2021 NFL season began, Von Miller was starting as an outside linebacker for the Denver Broncos, the same team he had played for since joining the NFL in 2011.

Von Miller was to the fans of the Denver Broncos at a level that is very similar to the way Aaron Donald is revered by the fans of the LA Rams. He was more than a good player for the Broncos. He was Denver’s hometown hero. He is a three-time All-Pro, once as an inside linebacker and twice as an outside linebacker.

Super Bowl L (50) superstar

But the game that endeared him to Broncos fans was his superstar performance in Super Bowl L, a game in which he recorded 2.5 quarterback sacks and forced two fumbles to lead the Denver Broncos over the Carolina Panthers. Moments like that come once in a lifetime, and Von Miller stepped into and owned the spotlight as a Bronco in the biggest game of his career.

Von Miller has seen his production wane over the past two seasons. And his time with the Denver Broncos, the only team he has known as a pro, drew to an end this season. The Broncos signed Miller to a lucrative extension that was now compensating him for his past heroics, and no longer represented his value to their team today.  He remains an intriguing player and certainly is one who is blessed with an encyclopedia of NFL experience.

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Whether you believe it to be a fortunate turn of events, he was traded to the LA Rams in 2021 at the NFL Trade Deadline.  The LA Rams landed veteran Von Miller.