Ex NFL QB Dan Orlovsky interested in coaching for LA Rams in 2022

Mandatory Credit: Matt Kryger / The Star 37 Spcolts02 184463
Mandatory Credit: Matt Kryger / The Star 37 Spcolts02 184463 /

Winners attract attention in the NFL. And this year, the LA Rams are not only winning games but setting plenty of records in the process. Perhaps a bit surprisingly, the records are not only those being broken by All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald.  This year, wide receiver Cooper Kupp is breaking records, and the guy who is throwing to him and helping him do so is quarterback Matthew Stafford.

The 2021 NFL season is winding down. And when the season is over, the annual NFL coaching carousel will fire up once more. Historically, NFL teams come a-knockin’ at the door of the Rams organization to poach a coach.  Last year, the LA Rams lost seven coordinators, coaches, and even a couple of executives, to other NFL teams hoping to graft a winning culture from the Rams organizational chart into their own.

This year, we fear that five more coaches are at risk of signing on elsewhere. So where will new coaches come from to fill what may be another off-season of coaching defections? Well, don’t look now, but they are tossing their hat in the ring already. Who? Former QB coach Dan Orlovsky for one.

Okay, so somebody wants to coach for the LA Rams. But would the Rams give him a shot?

Orlovsky has been a hot name of late for NFL offensive coordinator

A year ago, Detroit Sports Nation’s Don Drysdale wrote an under-the-radar article about Dan Orlovsky’s interest in returning to the sidelines of the NFL. In what role? Well, when he was asked if he had any interest in being offensive coordinator, he replied without hesitation.

“I would,” was his social media reply in 2020. I can assure you that the list of teams whose fanbases wanted his no-nonsense analysis on their team’s coaching staff is long, and growing longer all the time.

Until now, Orlovsky has been pursued as a coach for a number of teams on social media. Until now, he has kept his own desires close to the vest.

That changed on January 6, 2022. In response to a casual fan’s comment on social media, ESPN NFL Analyst Dan Orlovsky, has purposely or inadvertently tossed his name into the ring for consideration for a future LA Rams coaching position? Will one be opening up in the offseason?

We listed LA Rams offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell as a potential loss in the offseason. He has been with the Rams for two seasons and undoubtedly teams will consider him as a potential head coach in the offseason. That could free up an offensive coordinator position for the LA Rams, and that would certainly pique Orlovsky’s interest.

Will it come to pass? Well, nothing is likely at this point. But this is certainly a developing story to keep on your radar going forward.

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