LA Rams WR Cooper Kupp within reach of rare NFL WR Triple Crown

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Kupp is far ahead of the competition

Let’s start with receptions. Right now, Cooper Kupp has hauled in 138 passes. The second-best receiver in the entire NFL is Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams with 117. That’s a difference of 21 catches.  Well, what about the number of targets? Is this a case of volume?  Kupp was targeted 184 times, but Adams was targeted 162 times. That is a difference of 22 targets.

To beat Kupp’s pace this year, Kupp could sit and Adams would need 22 receptions to beat his mark. But to do it in the same workload as Kupp, he would need to catch all 22 passes thrown his way. The most receptions he has had so far this season? 12 receptions. In short, Davante Adams would need two games to realistically catch and overcome Kupp’s reception totals, and to be a perfect 22 of 22 over those two games to beat Kupp.

That’s impressive. But let’s move on. What about receiving yards? Right now, Cooper Kupp has 1,829 receiving yards. The second-best receiver in the NFL? That falls to Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson who has 1,509 yards so far this season. The difference? 320 yards.

Kupp is two games better than the closest competition

What does that look like to Jefferson’s season so far?  Jefferson’s best game of the season so far was a 182-yard performance against the Detroit Lions.  His best two-game performance occurred when he put up 169 yards against the Green Bay Packers, and then 143 yards the following week against the LA Chargers. But even that 312-yard performance would fall short of Cooper Kupp’s total.

So far, it appears that Cooper Kupp could take off two games and remain safely atop NFL receivers. What about passing touchdowns? Right now, Kupp has 15 receiving touchdowns. The second closest receiver? Cincinnati Bengals rookie wide receiver Jamarr Chase has 13 receiving touchdowns this year. His latest performance, a three-touchdown scoring-fest against the Kansas City Chiefs, would certainly leapfrog Kupp at 15.

But in the past, Chase has followed up his two touchdown outings by being shut out twice. Like any rookie, he tends to run hot and cold.