It happened in LA. Rams WR Cooper Kupp challenged records today

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Before the Week 18 game began, the anticipation for LA Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp to end the 2021 NFL Season holding claim to some of the most impressive NFL All-Time Single-Season records was thick enough to cut with a butter knife.

Kupp is not having a good season. He’s not even having a great season. He’s having an epic, history-making type of season that too few people are noticing or talking about.  He’s already set the Rams Franchise All-Time Single Season receiver record for receptions and yards. To best the record for receiving touchdowns, Kupp will need a huge day, three touchdowns, to do so.

Of course, Kupp is still climbing the ladder when it comes to the NFL All-Time Single Season receiver records that stand in the record books.  While those records have withstood challenges for some time, this year may be the one where one or more may be broken.

Will Cooper Kupp break the record set by Megatron, Calvin Johnson?

Stafford sends Kupp close to Megatron’s record season

Well, close. So very close.

 So where does Week 18 place everything? Per the ESPN Game Stats, the LA Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp will end this game with seven receptions for 118 yards and one touchdown. That will improve Kupp’s season total to 16 touchdowns for the year.

The performance elevates Kupp to second place in the NFL Single Season receiving yards, ending up with 1,947 yards. With 145 receptions, Kupp takes over for second place for the NFL Single Season receptions. And with a receiving touchdown, Kupp moves up to tie for 15th-place in receiving touchdowns with 16 TDs.

In the end, Cooper Kupp fell just shy of Calvin Johnson’s record of 1,964 yards by 17 yards to tie, 18 yards to beat it. But it was one helluva run. Coincidentally, it was quarterback Matthew Stafford who threw the football to Johnson to set the record. And that same Matthew Stafford threw the football to Cooper Kupp to nearly beat that record in 2021.

Congratulations, Cooper Kupp. You certainly made this one helluva season.

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