LA Rams: Is there a doctor in the Rams House?

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The LA Rams wanted two things to happen in Week 18. They wanted to win the game, and deny the San Francisco 49ers a chance to compete in the NFL Playoffs. And the team wanted desperately to emerge from the game unscathed and uninjured as they were fully aware of playing in the Wildcard Round of the NFL Playoffs.

The team was unable to achieve either goal. Not only did the Rams lose the game, but the 49ers added injury to insult as the Rams’ defensive backs did not remain healthy. So now the defensive secondary is riddled with injuries that the team must somehow overcome in time to face the Arizona Cardinals.

It was pretty clear that the Rams secondary struggled in this one. The 49ers put up 314 passing yards, and two receiving touchdowns. That is a bad outing for the Rams defense.

Rams depth chart got heavy use

The LA Rams used eight different defensive backs in Week 18. The primary safeties were Taylor Rapp and Jordan Fuller, both of whom suffered injuries. That’s a serious blow to the secondary, as both have commanded nearly all defensive snaps this season.

Fuller is out for the playoffs. But the Rams face a host of other secondary injuries too.

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The Rams’ primary cornerbacks were Jalen Ramsey and Darious Williams throughout the season, but even Williams was not immune to injury. The Rams had to play three games without him and did so by activating defensive back Donte Deayon.