No excuse needed. LA Rams win 3rd title in 5 seasons for HC Sean McVay

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Turnover turnaround

Perhaps the greatest improvement this season was in turnovers. At the end of the 2020 season, the LA Rams entered the playoffs with a net turnover factor of (-3). This year, the team is mildly more successful with a net turnover factor of (+2).  Curiously, it has not all been securing the football more effectively on offense.

While the Rams did turn the ball over two fewer times this season, the other part of the story is the fact that the defense created three more turnovers this year. That is due to the secondary intercepting the football on five more occasions than a year ago. Curiously, Matthew Stafford threw four more interceptions this year than Jared Goff. It was the drop of five fumbles this year that was the major improvement.

Rams have dominated non-divisional opponents

While the Rams struggled to master the NFC West division, only breaking even 3-3 in six games, the Rams were 9-2 in 2021 against the rest of the NFL. That may prove to be the difference if the Rams can win this Monday Night against the Arizona Cardinals.

In reviewing the entire season, the LA Rams only two non-division losses occurred at the hands of the top-seeded team in both the AFC (Tennessee Titans) and the NFC (Green Bay Packers). That’s pretty significant, as it means that unless you have faced the LA Rams over and over, this team can get the jump on you.

That will be helpful if the LA Rams advance to the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. But what about their upcoming Wildcard Round against the Arizona Cardinals?