LA Rams post season Mock Draft adds strong TE and OL to roster

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LA Rams Draft Sevyn Banks
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With the 231st pick…

Buckeyes . Sevyn Banks. 231. player. 812. . Cornerback

Of the 2022 NFL Draft, the Los Angeles Rams select Sevyn Banks, cornerback, Ohio State University. Of course, the fact of drafting on Day 3 is that the best and most promising prospects will be off the board long before the Rams even step up to the podium.

But Sevyn Banks is more than a consolation prize. He is a 6-foot-1 200-pound defensive back who had played in 24 games for the Buckeyes, and in the process was a former teammate of Jordan Fuller. In his collegiate career, he accounted for 43 tackles, three tackles for a loss, 10 pass deflections, and one interception.

He is a knowledgeable defensive back, and he could fill the role of either outside cornerback, slot cornerback, or even safety in the NFL. He is a very combative defensive back, working to deflect the pass away from its intended receiver. If that fails, he is particularly adept at ripping the football from the hands of the receiver, preventing the ruling of a completion.

Most of Banks’ collegiate use occurred in Cover 3, where he played 7-10 yards off his receiver and covered one-third of the football field on deep routes. Because he is not blessed with lightning-fast speed, he was susceptible to falling behind the fastest receivers and losing out on foot races where the quarterback was able to hurl deep and anticipate separation downfield before it occurred.

Banks should not be viewed as a broken defensive back. He is simply a bit raw and will need to be coached up in order to develop better anticipation and angles in defending against the fastest receivers on a more consistent basis.