Jalen Ramsey foreshadows the LA Rams signing FA DB Eric Weddle

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Jalen Ramsey gave everyone an 11-hour advance notice that the LA Rams were signing former defensive back Eric Weddle out of retirement, and yet nobody guessed it was coming. Can you blame them?

If you follow the Twitter account of LA Rams All-Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey, you know that he oftentimes uses social media to foreshadow a major and positive development regarding the Rams organization. We know that going into the Wildcard Round that the LA Rams are struggling with a host of problems to the secondary.

But the front office had limited options. After all, if anyone could make a difference at this time of the year, they are already signed on with another team. Of course, the Rams have some players who are on injured reserve whose status could be the reason behind the message. Or could it?

The team is patiently awaiting the return of nose tackle Sebastian Joseph Day. There is also rookie inside linebacker Ernest Jones, whose return would be most welcome indeed. Instead, the LA Rams are truly getting the band back together, as it seems that they have persuaded former safety Eric Weddle to come out of retirement and help the LA Rams in the NFL Playoffs.

The beard is back, baby

But the news was this shocker:

This one seems a bit out there. After all, Weddle is now 37 years old, and his last NFL action was in 2019. While he had a productive year, he was clearly not the version of his prime playing days. After one season, Weddle chose to retire after one season on a two-year contract.

But now, the bearded one is back. Can he play? Can he cover?  We know that due to the injury to John Johnson III, it was Weddle who played alongside then-rookie Taylor Rapp at the back end of the Rams defense. It may be that the Rams are hoping to give Rapp a familiar face on the field in the Wildcard Round.

The LA Rams had just released safety Juju Hughes, and he was quickly scooped up by the Detroit Lions. And after week 18, Taylor Rapp entered concussion protocols, and Jordan Fuller was assigned to IR and will be unavailable throughout the playoffs.

The Rams do have DB Jake Gervase on the practice squad, and Antoine Brooks currently on the active roster. This signing seems to indicate that the Rams’ secondary is pretty banged up. Stay tuned…

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