LA Rams complete 2022 restricted free agent ranking

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LA Rams Free Agency Les Snead
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If you do not feel a bit better about the LA Rams free agency situation just yet, be patient. It will happen. After all, it’s tough to recognize the fact that the team has just endured two years with dead cap money that would cripple a normal team. What do we mean? Well, thanks to, we can give you a summary of the past three seasons salary cap status:

Click here for 2019 – Dead cap of $13,604,018
Click here for 2020 – Dead cap of $38,466,148
Click here for 2021 – Dead cap of $48,994,418
Click here for 2022 – Dead cap of         $242,002

There. Starting to feel better? It’s okay. It will happen. Give it time.

The LA Rams are back in the thick of things. After all, the organization has just won its third NFC West Division title in five seasons. Looking ahead, if the top-seeded playoff teams win throughout the playoffs (as well as the Rams), the LA Rams will host the Arizona Cardinals, travel to face the Green Bay Packers, travel to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and then return home to face the Tennessee Titans. Four games.

The Rams have not played to their full potential yet

This does feel like a team that has a date with destiny. Did the Tampa Bay Buccaneers feel any different last year? They were heavily touted early in the season, but they entered the NFL Playoffs on a four-game winning streak against less than difficult opponents. But it was all they needed to get hot at the right time of the season. Will the Rams follow a similar trajectory? Or will the cries to fire coaches, letting visiting fans take over SoFi Stadium, and a general malaise be the order of the day?

At least nobody can honestly say that the organization fell asleep at the wheel. Sure, the team may have been aggressive in patching together a roster that has been hammered with untimely injuries at some of the most critical positions. But GM Les Snead did something about it. Whether or not we like his moves, he moved. Whether or not we loved the additions, he added players. And whether or not he paid a premium price or a discounted deal, he ante’d up and paid the bill.

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Let’s see where that leaves the team as we begin to pivot from the 2021 NFL Season to the 2022 NFL Season.