LA Rams Von Miller, Darious Williams in PFF’s 2022 Top 50 FAs

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LA Rams Free Agency Jimmy Smith
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Sign a Free Agent

If the LA Rams feel that Williams is simply overpriced to what the team is comfortable paying, or what they expect his production to be worth in 2022, they can always shop for a more economical or value-added player from the same NFL free agency market? There will be plenty of options, and if the front office is savvy enough, plenty of bargains as well.

While it’s virtually impossible to know who will test the waters of NFL free agency, we can set our sights on the type of player who would make a great deal of sense. Whether or not these specific players hit free agency is not as important as finding the right bargain-priced veteran to come in and compete for playing time.

Two FA options

Seattle Seahawks Sidney Jones would be a player to keep an eye on. Similar to Green Bay Packers defensive back Rasul Douglas, he was a former Philadelphia Eagles defensive back who lost favor with the team, has since signed on with the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Seattle Seahawks, and has been fairly impressive in what he’s done on the football field. This year, Jones has started 11 games, made 61 tackles, has allowed 61 percent of the passes to be completed, and held his target to just two touchdowns this year. I believe that the LA Rams could sign him to a two-year $6.5 million contract.

Another player who may be worth a contract is Baltimore Ravens defensive back, Jimmy Smith. Smith is a veteran defensive back who has just finished his 11th season with the Ravens. While his best play on the football field is in his rear-view mirror, the 6-foot-2 210-pound cornerback can still play at a high level, and can still play very physical football. He played in 10 games for the Ravens in 2021 and started two. Despite the demotion, he only allowed a completion rate of 69.6 percent and did not surrender a touchdown in 2021. He could be signed up to a two-year $3.5 million contract.