LA Rams don Royal Jersey/Sol Pants for Wildcard game vs Cardinals

Mandatory Credit: Nyg Vs Lar
Mandatory Credit: Nyg Vs Lar /

The LA Rams have rolled with the new uniforms and new logos for two seasons now. While the chaos that first ensued in the uniform combinations seems to have subsided somewhat, the interest in which uniform the team will play remains a rather hot topic even now. And so, we do our best to give what the readers are looking for.

Of course, not everyone likes the LA Rams uniforms.  UniMockups created a ranking of all 32 NFL team uniforms, and the Rams came in dead last. Are the LA Rams uniforms really the ugliest in the NFL? Even when they first came out, and I was still trying to acclimate to the uniform colors and design, they were not eyesores.  Over time, they sort of grew on me. And then, people began to track how well the Rams performed in the various uniform combos.

In that regard, we’ve tracked the opponent, the uniform color combination, and the eventual outcome of the game. It’s been a bit of work to compile this chart, but I have to admit that it has a bit of fun attached.

Week   Opponent    Uniform    Outcome

Week 1: vs Chicago         White/Sol     W 34-13
Week 2: @ Indianapolis Bone/Royal  W 27-24
Week 3: vs Tampa Bay   Bone/Bone   W 34-24
Week 4: vs Arizona          Royal/Royal  L 37-20
Week 5: @ Seattle           Bone/Royal  W 26-17
Week 6: @ NYGiants       Royal/Sol      W 38-11
Week 7: vs Detroit            Royal/Bone  W 28-19
Week 8: @ Houston         Bone/Sol      W 38-22
Week 9: vs. Tennessee     White/Sol     L 28-16
Week 10: @ San Fran       White/Royal L 31-10
Week 11: BYE WEEK
Week 12: @ Green Bay     Bone/Royal  L 36-28
Week 13: vs. Jacksonville  Royal/Bone  W 37-7
Week 14: @ Arizona           Bone/Bone  W 30-23
Week 15: vs. Seattle           Royal/Bone  W 20-10
Week 16: @ Minnesota     Bone/Sol       W 30-23
Week 17: @ Baltimore       Bone/Bone   W 20-19
Week 18: vs. San Fran        Royal/Bone   L 27-24

Wildcard Round: vs. Arizona Cardinals Royal/Sol  TBD

The LA Rams are donning the Royal/Sol combination, a uniform combo worn once in 2021. That game resulted in a huge win on the road against the New York Giants by the score of 38-11. Now, the Rams hope that same mojo works for them in SoFi Stadium as they host the Arizona Cardinals.

The LA Rams will play in less than 24 hours. How do you feel?  The LA Rams will be ready to go in this one.

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