Will LA Rams reunite with key players in time for NFC Championship Game?

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Big news for the big picture

From a big picture perspective, getting key players back to rejuvenate the roster during the playoffs is of itself pretty positive. An NFL team benefits any time that they get a player back from injury who was either a starter or a significant contributor. Back, healthy, and quite rested.

Over the past few weeks, and months in some cases, those IR players did not subject themselves to the bump and grind of NFL play. They not only healed their injured site but every other bump, bruise, ache, and pain along the way. A fresh set of legs.

If you haven’t been paying attention, the LA Rams could be getting as many as six key players back to the roster this week. They are RB Darrell Henderson Jr., OT Andrew Whitworth, NT Sebastian Joseph Day, ILB Ernest Jones, DB Robert Rochell, and DB Taylor Rapp.

Reinforcements return to Rams roster

Six key players, four of them former starters, all coming back to the team en masse. That’s the type of positive development that the oft-shorthanded LA Rams team needs. A spike in healthy bodies, an infusion of fresh legs, a reinforcement of fresh troops.

But there is an emotional uplifting as well. The grieving and sorrow of losing a valued teammate and friend get thrown into reverse. Welcoming a player back adds both relief and a bit of euphoria to the locker room and to the football field. These are players who have had to watch from the sidelines as their teammates competed against some of the best teams in the NFL right now.

But the key to this time of year, the NFC Championship Game of the NFL Playoffs, is to factor in how, if at all, the return of six players may help the Rams to advance to the next round, to Super Bowl LVI. To get to the big game, the LA Rams must do something they haven’t done for three seasons. The Rams must beat the San Francisco 49ers. So let’s investigate that right now…