Will LA Rams reunite with key players in time for NFC Championship Game?

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LA Rams News Darrell Henderson Jr.
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Henderson will help the running game, eventually

Henderson has been off and on for the Rams this season, with the latest injury suffered at the hands of the Minnesota Vikings on Week 16. He suffered a minor MCL injury, or a knee sprain, in that game and has missed the past three games while he recovered.

With Henderson’s return, he will join teammates Sony Michel and Cam Akers for the team, bringing the Rams rushing offense up to full strength. While he is not a workhorse type of running back (he was never intended to be when the LA Rams drafted him), he is a solid change-of-pace runner who could carve out a niche, much like former NFL running back Darren Sproles did.

Henderson has not played since injury in the Week 16 contest against the Minnesota Vikings. He suffered an MCL injury, a knee sprain, and has not participated in the past three games for the Rams. In his absence, the Rams have rerouted the majority of offensive snaps to RB Sony Michel.

Can Cam run the Rams rushing attack effectively?

In the Wildcard Round, the Rams gave RB Cam Akers 17 carries, and Sony Michel 13 carries. There really is not a lot of ground game remaining in the LA Rams offense beyond 30 carries.

But the Rams discovered in the Divisional Round that RB Cam Akers may be back, but he may not yet be ready to ‘take over.’ He was given the lion’s share of the groundwork, 24 carries to be exact. While he only gained 48 yards, which was to be expected, the alarming part is that he fumbled the ball twice, losing it to the Buccaneers both times.

Henderson doesn’t fumble the football. At least, he has not fumbled in three seasons with the LA Rams.  That is crucial for the upcoming contest against the San Francisco 49ers.  In the past three games against those Niners, Henderson has rushed 29 times for 138 yards. That could come in handy with a rushing attack that is vital to the Rams’ success, but which the Rams failed to beef up in run blocking in the offseason.