Will LA Rams reunite with key players in time for NFC Championship Game?

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The Rapp sheet

When defensive back Taylor Rapp takes the field, I’m never certain which version of the LA Rams’ safety we will witness in that particular game. He may be the star defensive back, the guy who shows up to make a well-timed interception, like his two pick outing against the New York Giants in Week 6, or his one-interception game in Week 15 against the Seattle Seahawks, or even his interception in Week 18 against the San Francisco 49ers.

When Taylor Rapp is communicating, diagnosing plays, and playing solid defense, he can be a true asset for the team. But that is not who the Rams get each week. Sometimes, Rapp is simply ‘that guy,’ a defensive back who is not particularly good at defending the pass, but who makes tackles and plays the part well enough to not be noticed.

Which Rapp will return to the Rams?

On some occasions, Rapp is a wreckless, leaving-his-feet-and-launching type of tackler. In those games, I get squeamish, because he is just as likely to injure a teammate as make the tackle. But sometimes, he simply gets confused, plays out of position, covers the wrong guy, and gives up a huge play.

And he’s done it more than once against the San Francisco 49ers.

With Rapp’s return, I just hope for the best and brace myself for the worst. Rapp can play well. But there are times when I find myself using my loud voice to discipline Rapp on a poorly executed play. Sure, I know he cannot hear me. But it’s not the type of frustration that does well to be bottled up.

Taylor Rapp can certainly be a difference-maker in a game. Whether or not he helps the LA Rams to win the game? That’s another matter entirely.