Will LA Rams reunite with key players in time for NFC Championship Game?

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Big Whit

There is no mistaking, the LA Rams offensive line is pulling together to give veteran offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth one helluva send-off. If he chooses to retire after this season, that is. And at the ripe ‘ole age of 40 years old, he has every right to step away from the game, on his terms, if that is his choice.

But right now, other forces may be at work for the veteran left tackle. He banged up his knee in Week 8, necessitating the insertion of reserve offensive lineman extraordinaire, Joe Noteboom, to take his place. Due to a positive COVID-19 test result, the Rams had to scramble a bit, filling in the left tackle spot initially with left guard David Edwards, and then with undrafted rookie A.J. Jackson. Then, in the Wildcard Round, his leg was rolled up on, injuring both his knee and ankle.

Three games missed in the 2021 NFL Season. if he were a younger man, say 26 years old, those minor injuries would be of no concern. But as the human body ages, the healing process slows down. Injuries that could heal in two days suddenly take a week or more. The pain is more severe. Loss of mobility is more pronounced. And each injury stacks up a little bit on the previous one.

At some point, the mind will be willing, but the body will call it quits.

When will Big Whit call it quits?

That means that this could be the last hurrah for Big Whit. The guy who regrouped the entire offensive line and mentored them from a disastrous 2019 NFL Season into one of professional football’s best the following year, may need to think about life after the NFL. That doesn’t mean it’s over for the guy just yet.

Like many players on this LA Rams roster, these are players who have been denied the opportunity to win a Super Bowl in their career. Now, they all have that chance to claim the greatest prize in the NFL.  Just two games remaining. Just two more opponents stand in their way.

And the LA Rams roster could be getting reinforcements just in time.

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