LA Rams vs 49ers rivalry comes to a head in NFC Championship Game

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The Streak

Over the past three seasons, there has been a common theme throughout the losing streak.  So let’s examine the games and see if we can determine any negative trends?


Week 6: San Francisco 49ers 20 LA Rams 7

The LA Rams scored first in this one, rushing seven times to march right down the field and score their only touchdown. They rushed 15 more times for 44 yards the rest of the game. Jared Goff passed 24 times for 78 yards.

This was an ugly Rams loss, sending them to 3-3 while the 49ers rose to 5-0.

Week 16: San Francisco 49ers 34 LA Rams 31

The San Francisco 49ers were 12-3 and had a certain playoff berth. But why would they ease up, when they could kick the LA Rams when they were down? The Rams did not go down without a fight in this one, taking a 14-3 and 21-10 lead.  But a Jared Goff pick-six gave the 49ers the lead before the half.

The Rams did come back to retake the lead, but the 49ers converted third down and 16 yards to go twice for the victory. In both cases, Taylor Rapp appeared to be out of position and the Rams secondary had to scramble to tackle the open receiver.


Week 6: San Francisco 49ers 24 LA Rams 16

While the LA Rams entered this one at 4-1, and the 49ers showed up at 2-3, it was the 49ers who appeared to be the better team. The Rams spotted the 49ers a 14 point lead in a hurry before the offense seemed to do much of anything. By halftime, the Rams trailed 21-6.  The 49ers piled on the running game, rushing 37 times for 122 yards. The LA Rams never musted a comeback in the second half.

Week 12: San Francisco 49ers 23 LA Rams 20

Once more, the LA Rams showed up at 7-3, and the Niners showed up at 4-6 (including a three-game losing streak), but the ending was the same once more. This time, the 49ers kicked the game-winning field goal by Robbie Gould as time ran out.


Week 10: San Francisco 49ers 31 LA Rams 10

Whenever the 49ers need a boost, here come the Rams. Prior to the game, the Niners were winless at home in four attempts. And at 3-5, their hopes for any postseason competition were dwindling quickly. Well, the 49ers ran 44 times, and the Rams didn’t run. The result? It was one of the most lopsided victories by the 49ers since the Rams hired McVay.

It didn’t help that the Rams turned the ball over twice in this one, either.

Week 18: San Francisco 49ers 27 LA Rams 24 (OT)
Was this game for pride, or something a bit more? The LA Rams found themselves in a dilemma, sit the starters and cautiously keep everyone healthy for the NFL Playoffs? Or try to win, earn as high of a playoff seeding as possible, and send the rival 49ers home without a playoff appearance? In the end, the Rams accomplished neither.

It was a tale of two quarters. The Rams were ahead by a score of 17-0 and had the football at the two-minute warning. Two rushes by RB Sony Michel had the Rams with a third down and one to go with just 49 seconds to go when QB Matthew Stafford dropped back to pass and was sacked for a nine-yard loss. After the Rams punted to the 49ers’ 15-yard line with just 36 seconds remaining, the 49ers moved the ball effortlessly down the field for a field goal. That FG would eventually be the margin of victory.