LA Rams secret weapon? Hello, Cooper Kupp Y-2K

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

After the LA Rams lost TE Johnny Mundt for the 2021 NFL season, the offense seemed to wobble a bit as the team tried to find a new rhythm with tight ends, empty backfields, and even reforming with Cooper Kupp acting a bit like a tight end in the Rams offensive formation. Acting like? To be honest, I believe that Kupp’s ability to block is comparative, if not outright superior, to some of the NFL’s best tight ends in the game today.

And it’s that willingness and ability to block even defensive ends that makes Kupp so very dangerous in this LA Rams offense. While the Rams are quite happy with the play of their tight end, Tyler Higbee, the way the LA Rams play their offense Kupp could conceivably step right in for Higbee on a few plays. Since the tight end is often referred to as the Y-receiver, you could give Kupp the designation as the Rams alternative Y.

But is that just for the display? You tell me, can Cooper Kupp block, or can Cooper Kupp Block?

Now stop and pause for just one moment.

Cooper Kupp: Y-2k

This is the same guy who was the NFL’s Triple Crown winner. He is ranked second on the NFL All-Time Single Season Receiver record books for receptions and receiving yards in the regular season.  So, I would be so bold as to say that it seems to work.

But with the Rams winning two playoff games, and Kupp having outstanding performances in both contests, we have more Kupp record-setting to talk about, thanks to CBS Sports NFL Analyst Jeff Kerr:

The amazing thing is that NFL defenses know that Kupp is coming, and know that Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford loves to throw to Kupp. And yet, in two playoff games, Kupp has hauled in 14 of 18 passes thrown his way for 244 yards and two touchdowns.  Now, keep in mind that this is all on top of a season that resulted in 145 receptions and 1,947 receiving yards.

Combined? Kupp is up to 159 catches, 2,191 yards, and 17 touchdowns. That’s incredible, but he’s not done yet. He doesn’t seek out the spotlight. He doesn’t shirk his role on this offense. He simply goes out each time, knowing that the football will find him.

Let’s hope that the Lombardi Trophy finds him as well.

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