This LA Rams team must now step up for DL Aaron Donald

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It’s Do-or-Die time now

And therein lies the competitive advantage that we’ve not yet discussed as the LA Rams head to the NFC Championship Game. Throughout the 17-game regular season, the goal was to be in a position to win in the playoffs. The Rams had done so, and by winning 12 of those 17 games ended up as the NFC West Division Champion.

In terms of the playoffs? The Rams have won, at least the two games that they’ve played so far in this postseason. But they have two more to go. The next game, the game against the San Francisco 49ers, is one that they’ve anticipated and dreaded at the same time.

To get to Super Bowl LVI, these LA Rams must beat the lone NFL team that has their number, no matter where they play. The Rams must halt a six-game losing streak to the Niners. Easier said than done, right? Well, to a point.

Rally around AD

The 49ers have made it a point to troll Aaron Donald ruthlessly and relentlessly for two years. All the while, Aaron Donald and the entire LA Rams roster have taken the high road, focused on the next opponent, and allowed the 49ers to spend days after the games continue to troll the Rams. But is that coming to an end?

The Rams are prepared to fight tooth and nail for this win. Does that change anything for these two competitors? I think it could and should. After all, if there is one team and fanbase that lives to beat the LA Rams each season, it’s the 49ers. And for the past six regular-season games, they’ve done exactly that.

But this series has always felt a bit ‘off’, hasn’t it? In 2020 for example, the 49ers went 1-3 after playing the Rams each time. The Rams went 3-1 and 2-2 after losing to the 49ers each time respectively. The 49ers have won, but to do so they expend a lot of energy. Do they have a ‘next level’ to use against the Rams? I’m not so sure that they do. Maybe the 49ers focused TOO much on the Rams, eh?