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The NFL Rams football history is a many-varied tale of three cities: Cleveland, Ohio; Los Angeles, California, Saint Louis, Missouri, and finally back to Los Angeles, California. After all, this particular football franchise has resided amidst three very different and proud NFL host cities, and that passage has had different levels of success. But the LA Rams, although a long, proud, and successful NFL Franchise has not always enjoyed the level of success as that enjoyed under HC Sean McVay.

Let’s revisit the history of the Rams franchise – across four chapters and three cities – to give some bearings as to where the

1937-1945 Cleveland Rams (1 Championship)

The Cleveland Rams were one of ten NFL teams that organized and competed in two five-team divisions: The Eastern Division was made up of the Washington Football Team, the Brooklyn Dodgers, the New York Giants, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Boston Yanks. The Western Division included the Cleveland Rams, the Chicago Bears, the Chicago Cardinals, the Detroit Lions, and the Green Bay Packers.

The Rams were not a very good team until they all came together in 1945 behind NFL legendary quarterback Bob Waterfield. In that season, they played to a 9-1 record, with their only blemish being a 14-28 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on the road. The Rams defeated the Washington Football Team by a score of 15-14 at Cleveland Stadium but would move to Los Angeles the following year.

1946-1961 Pre-Super Bowl era LA Rams (1 Championship)

Similar to the Cleveland chapter of the franchise, the LA Rams would only win one NFL Championship Game prior to the Super Bowl era. That victory would come in 1951, behind another Rams legendary quarterback Norm Van Brocklin “The Dutchman”.

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Ironically, the Rams would play the team from their former city, the Cleveland Browns, and defeated them by the score of 24-17.  The Rams would face the Browns once more, this time in 1955. The outcome was different, though, as the Browns defeated the Rams by a score of 38 to 14.