LA Rams go Royal Jersey/Sol Pants for NFC Championship Game

Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams play just one or two more games. Win in the NFC Championship Game, and they advance to Super Bowl LVI. Lose, and the team will have a lot of work to do to retain or replace the talent that got them this far. But amidst those questions about the outcome of the game, one question rises above all others:

What uniform will the LA Rams be wearing?

Do the clothes truly make the man? Well in the world of professional competitive sports, rituals, superstitions, and luck sometimes plays a larger part in the preparation for a big game than we care to admit. And yet, with all of the talk of controlling that which you can control, there is that fringe of ritualizing what we do before a big game to push the boundaries of what we control

The LA Rams uniforms, color palette, and logo have been the focus for the past two seasons. Is there anything to it? The team seems to think so. With so many palette combinations, the Rams have settled on Royal Blue Jerseys and Sol Yellow Pants for the post-season. (I checked it on the Rams app).

For a recap, here are the games played throughout the 2021 NFL Season, with the uniform combinations worn for those games:

Weekly Opponent Uniform 2021 (post) season and game outcome

Week 1: vs Chicago White/Sol W 34-13
Week 2: @ Indianapolis Bone/Royal W 27-24
Week 3: vs Tampa Bay Bone/Bone W 34-24
Week 4: vs Arizona Royal/Royal L 37-20
Week 5: @ Seattle Bone/Royal W 26-17
Week 6: @ NYGiants Royal/Sol W 38-11
Week 7: vs Detroit Royal/Bone W 28-19
Week 8: @ Houston Bone/Sol W 38-22
Week 9: vs. Tennessee White/Sol L 28-16
Week 10: @ San Fran White/Royal L 31-10
Week 11: BYE WEEK
Week 12: @ Green Bay Bone/Royal L 36-28
Week 13: vs. Jacksonville Royal/Bone W 37-7
Week 14: @ Arizona Bone/Bone W 30-23
Week 15: vs. Seattle Royal/Bone W 20-10
Week 16: @ Minnesota Bone/Sol W 30-23
Week 17: @ Baltimore Bone/Bone W 20-19
Week 18: vs. San Fran Royal/Bone L 27-24

Wildcard Round: vs. Arizona Cardinals Royal/Sol W 34-11
Divisional Round: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers Royal/Sol W 27-24
Conference Round: vs San Fran Royal/Sol TBD

So far, the LA Rams have played three games in the Royal Jersey/Sol pants combination. The first time this year was the win on the road against the New York Giants.  The Rams have gone exclusively with the Royal/Sol combination through the playoff, and for good reason. The Rams have advanced to the NFC Championship Game

If the Rams win, will they play in the Super Bowl in Royal/Sol as well? That’s hard to say, but it would not surprise me in the least. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Winning in Royal/Sol seems to be something that is not broken.

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