Yes, the LA Rams can finally say: Whose house? Rams House

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams have played in the crown jewel of NFL football stadiums, but until now, it hasn’t truly felt as though the team had moved in, had claimed this football field for their own. Have these Rams been successful over the past two years? Yes. Were these Rams able to pull it together, face the adversity dealt upon them, and find ways to succeed? Yes.

But through it all, the Rams had to fight to claim their home turf, a fact that they were reminded about at the end of the regular season. When the San Francisco 49ers showed up on Week 18, it was the 49ers’ red jerseys, not the Rams blue jerseys, that filled the stands. And it was such a surprise to all that it became a major storyline after the game. Sofi Stadium, the stronghold of the LA Rams football team, was not a stronghold at all. It was under siege, assaulted by invaders from the north.

SoFi Stadium, Home to SB LVI, Home of the LA Rams

But SoFi Stadium is just a stadium. It’s an impressive building, sure. It has incorporated some of the most cutting-edge advances in both technology and architecture, sure. But the stadium, like any fortress, is only as strong as the army that defends it. Well, the army that defends it is formidable, at least after a very emotional and heartfelt speech from All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald.

The journey is not over. It will not be over until the final gun sounds signaling the end of Super Bowl LVI. These LA Rams have been building to this moment all season long. The goal was never to field the best team on any given Sunday. Rather, the goal was to field the best team on Super Bowl Sunday. Right now, the LA Rams are on a date with destiny to determine their fate, a fate sealed a year ago when the LA Rams traded for then Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

The LA Rams are not just going to Super Bowl LVI. They are going to Super Bowl LVI to win. We saw this day coming at the beginning of the year. But only one thing beats this feeling of heading to the Super Bowl. That is the feeling of winning it all.

Homeward Bound.

The LA Rams have won to represent the NFC in Super Bowl LVI and will do so at home at SoFi Stadium. Perhaps most importantly of all, they have earned the right to call SoFi Stadium home, once and for all.

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