Did Tom Brady hand the baton off to Matthew Stafford?

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To retire, or not to retire, that is the question

The retirement of long-time veteran QB Tom Brady is pretty big news. So you would expect the first reports of that story to be a well-choreographed and coordinated event that would be timed so that it would not flood the NFL headlines during more relevant NFL events.  But the story leaked prematurely before the NFL  would hold both the AFC and NFC Championship games.

So, there was quite a bit of controversy over whether he is or is not retiring when the news first broke:

So Brady retired.

Wait a minute

Of course, the first place to confirm the story was the NFL team he played for. That placed a lot of reporters and microphones in front of Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians, and any other team executive who could be found.

After the initial reports broke that he was retiring, the NFL PR machine tried to put that toothpaste back into the tube, with limited results:

Numerous other news agencies showed up on this one, and nobody could confirm the story.

So is he or isn’t he?