LA Rams free agency: 4 Eagles who could be trade targets for 2022

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Plan B options

Some players may direct their agent to re-sign with the LA Rams, while others may not. After all, this is the opportunity for many players to ‘get paid’ the dollars that will carry them through their entire careers until retirement. I haven’t, don’t, and won’t begrudge a player for trying to get the best deal for himself and his family.

Ultimately, the LA Rams will likely be a team that suffers a net loss of talent via free agency. The reasons for that are twofold:

1st of all, the LA Rams do not like to disrupt the algorithms used to calculate the awarding of compensatory draft picks following the loss of a free agent to another team. The formula not only requires the net loss of a highly compensated free agent but the number of potential compensatory picks awarded are offset by any free agents the team signs.

Rams free agency strategy

If the LA Rams lose RB Sony Michel in free agency but sign another player from free agency at an equivalent value, the result is no compensatory picks will be awarded. Players who are cut or clear NFL waivers are not offset, and they will not factor into the calculations for awarded compensatory draft picks.

2nd of all, the LA Rams do not like to enter bidding wars, which the NFL Free Agency market encourages. And with the level of success that the Rams have enjoyed, and the level of production from the players who are slated to hit the open market, the Rams free agency may ultimately appear very similar to prior years.

That is, the Rams may sign their inexpensive players to round out the roster, perhaps sign one or two free agents who are vital to the team in terms of roster depth, and be willing to part ways with players who have endeared themselves to the fans in a short amount of time. If that happens, the team will have an array of Plan B options. Like what? Well, trading for players from other teams for starters.