Ripley’s Aquarium Penguins predicts LA Rams will lose SB LVI

Mandatory Credit:Kns Corona Gatlinburg Attractions Bp
Mandatory Credit:Kns Corona Gatlinburg Attractions Bp /

The LA Rams may be favored in odds of winning the game, but more and more NFL pundits and celebrities are stacking up against them in Super Bowl LVI. No, we’re not talking about the Hollywood stars of cinematic fame. We’re talking about the celebrities of the Animal Kingdom, or more specifically, the penguins of Ripley’s Aquariums.

As we are in the final days of Super Bowl LVI, Fleury, MVP (the Most Valuable Penguin) is back at her Super Bowl prognosticating ways. This year, she is calling it to go to the Cincinnati Bengals.  But don’t give up just yet. Fleury may be objective but has shown to be a bit biased towards the AFC teams.

A year ago, Fleury was confident that Super Bowl LV would go to the defending Super Bowl Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. Instead, the game was won by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by a score of 31-9.

Of course, nobody likes to be wrong, not even a penguin. So the flightless phenom is doubling down on the AFC this year.

"“Out to redeem herself after last year’s pick, we were shocked when Fleury picked the underdog Bengals. But Cincinnati is much closer to her Gaitlinberg home of Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies,” said VP US Operations Ryan DeSear as per a press release"

While Fleury may seem to be going out on a limb, a follow-up poll on social media came in with strong support of Fleury’s prediction. But you can help turn the tide.

Per Sabrina Sieck, Ripley Entertainment CC Mgr, Ripley’s Aquariums’ predictions began in 2015 with Gabby the Green Sea Turtle at Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach selecting the New England Patriots to win (you’d think the Seahawks would have been her choice based on name alone).

With that correct prediction, Ripley’s Aquarium has carried on the tradition and has asked a handful of species to select their winners over the years—from an octopus to a chameleon! They’ve also been dabbled a bit in the College Football National Championships.

Looks like one more soothsayer has jumped onto the Bengals bandwagon. The LA Rams have been fighting the uphill battle all season long so it’s no significant surprise that even representatives of Mother Nature have sided with the Bengals.

The Buccaneers proved Fleury wrong last year. Looks like it’s an NFC tradition that the LA Rams hope to continue again this year. And win or lose, if you are in Gatlinburg, be sure to stop in to visit Fleury and sway her to join the #Ramily. Or at least to be a bit more NFC friendly in future forecasts.

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