Will Broncos try to get LA Rams OLB Von Miller back in FA?

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Broncos fans want him back

For the business side of football, trading away an expensive player whose performance was incredibly below what he was getting paid to play was probably the right more. Even if the Broncos let it ride, the best that they could have done if Von Miller signed elsewhere to play would be to hope for the potential awarding of a third-round compensatory draft pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

So to accelerate that compensation and multiply it into both a second-round and a third-round draft pick in the 2022 NFL Draft was pretty shrewd business. Unfortunately, the optics on the move, the image of a tearful Von Miller having emotional goodbyes while in his pickup truck, is nothing short of a PR nightmare.

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Blue collar man

Von Miller has become more than the face of the franchise. He is more than a guy who plays great football. He is one of the fans who just so happens to play incredibly well on the football field.  He owns a poultry farm in Desoto Texas. And he owns a plush home in Foxfield, Colorado which he bought in 2012 for a tidy sum of $925,000.

He is the Colorado celebrity who keeps it real. He plays professional football, but he has fun at it practically every day. It’s no wonder the fans of the Denver Broncos love him and want him back. He has not been with the LA Rams for a full season, and he’s easily one of the most entertaining guys on the team. But the question is, will the Broncos make an offer to bring him back?