Super Bowl LVI outcome depends on the LA Rams starting tight end

Mandatory Credit: Matt Pendleton-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Matt Pendleton-USA TODAY Sports /

With LA Rams’ tight end Tyler Higbee‘s status for Super Bowl LVI, in doubt, the Rams may have to lean on the backup tight end, Kendall Blanton, again. With the performance of the tight end position being critical to the Rams, can Kendall Blanton deliver?

According to Pro Football Reference, their Super Bowl opponents, the Cincinnati Bengals, were one of the worst defenses in the league against tight ends. With the main vulnerability of the Bengals being tight ends, the Rams starting tight end needs to deliver a big game. Right now, signs are pointing away from Higbee and towards Blanton

After Sean McVay’s recent update, starting tight end Tyler Higbee’s status for Super Bowl LVI is even more in doubt.

With a Super Bowl on the line, can the Rams trust rushing Tyler Higbee back after not practicing and likely still feeling the effects of the MCL sprain even if he can play?

Blanton’s back baby

The question is interesting regardless, but Kendall Blanton’s performance in the NFC Championship Game adds an extra layer of depth. Kendall Blanton is coming off a career game, but it was also the only performance like it in his NFL career.

If Tyler Higbee is ultimately unavailable, Sean McVay trusts Kendall Blanton enough to be the guy. Brycen Hopkins is the only other available tight end, but he has struggled even to see the field this season.

With the tight end position being vital to the Rams’ chances of winning, someone will need to deliver. Of course, this could work in the Rams’ favor. Higbee is known to be proficient in catching passes and will draw coverage. Blanton, in a big game like this, is not. If Blanton starts, the Bengals may be less focused upon the tight end.

Can Tyler Higbee make a miraculous comeback to help the LA Rams win Super Bowl LVI? If not, can lightning strike twice for Kendall Blanton after his NFC Championship game performance?

A place in Rams lore awaits anyone who can help win the Super Bowl, especially with the game being in Los Angeles. Destiny waits for no one, but who will rise to seize it?

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