Look for big things by the LA Rams kid from Stroudsburg, PA

Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports
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The LA Rams have been a very resilient team so far this season, having lost a number of starters at possibly the worst possible moments. But, thanks to the surprising surge from backup defensive lineman Greg Gaines, many have forgotten just what an incredible season that nose tackle Sebastian Joseph-Day was having in the 2021 NFL season before his injury.

With his anticipated return to the LA Rams active roster, look for big things by the kid from Stroudsburg, PA in Super Bowl LVI.

Even as the team was able to compensate for most of his production by working both Greg Gaines and A’Shawn Robinson that much harder, there is something to be said about having the full complement of starters in the defensive line rotation in a game of this magnitude. Now, let’s just dabble with the fact that the young man from Stroudsberg, Pennsylvania, the same player who was on pace to have a monster season, is fully healthy, rested, and hungry.

This could be his last game with the LA Rams

He’s got one more game to play for the LA Rams before the swirling winds of the 2022 NFL Free Agency market blow him to his next contract, and to what may be a brand new NFL team far from the West Coast. Facing all of that, he has one more opportunity to make it count. And I bet that he will do exactly that.

Sebastian Joseph Day is more than just a defensive lineman for the LA Rams. He is an infectious personality, a young man who will snarl at the snap of the football, but who can laugh so loud and long that the entire team joins in. Believe me. In the bumpy-bruisy world of a defensive lineman, you want to have a player who can laugh instantly.

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But Bash delivers more than comic relief. In just seven games this year, he was averaging 0.5 quarterback sacks, 0.7 quarterback hits, 0.4 tackles for a loss, and 5.6 tackles per game. But against the Cincinnati Bengals? He could have a huge game.