LA Rams tribute video that says it all: ‘From All-In to All Done’

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Youth and veterans combined

The LA Rams get a lot of press coverage when they trade for or sign a veteran. To the casual NFL fan, the Rams have loaded their roster with 53 veterans who have starred throughout the NFL. Well, we know that is wrong. The Rams may exhaust their available salary cap each season, but they do so in the effort to pack the roster with as much talent as possible.

To balance out the salary costs of adding talented veterans, the team must also be even more effective at finding talented young players who will play for a bit less to have an opportunity to play alongside some of the greatest players in the NFL today. Some will use that experience to sign on with another team when they enter the NFL Free Agency market to a very lucrative deal.

Others are content to play for an organization that wants to win and will act in a manner to bring success to the organization by a continuous pipeline of incoming talent, both young and experienced, to this roster.

Redshirting Rams rookies

Young rookies added to this team are broken in gradually, at their own pace, and given the opportunity to compete on the football field when they have earned that right by outplaying the veterans on the roster. While it may frustrate fans who want to witness exactly what a promising and talented rookie can add to this team, the results are pretty impressive. Young players fill the depth chart with less expensive players, all the while they continue to learn and develop.

When the starting veterans have played through their contract, the team has plenty of input from measurable data from the practice field as well as direct feedback to help decide how to best fill that projected vacancy. For example, should the LA Rams: Re-sign Joseph Noteboom, sign a new free agent replacement, draft an offensive lineman, or promote another player, like A.J. Jackson, to take over his role?