LA Rams tribute video that says it all: ‘From All-In to All Done’

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Sense of urgency

The tone of the team changed this season. After competing for four seasons, and enjoying a substantial level of success, the team was no longer content to just win games. Before the 2021 NFL season, the LA Rams were 42-20 in four seasons under Coach McVay. But the team’s playoff record was just 3-3. That was a good beginning, but it was not going to be enough to win an NFL championship.

The LA Rams were stuck in a cycle of building the roster through the later rounds of the draft, coaching up young players to a point of NFL competency, and then watching those players sign elsewhere. Of course, those signings often resulted in the awarding of compensatory draft picks that could add another crop of talent to the roster to be trained.

So what about those early picks? Well, those have been earmarked for game-changing veteran players so far. The Rams have traded for DB Jalen Ramsey, QB Matthew Stafford, RB Sony Michel, and OLB Von Miller to compete this year and help the team win. That hasn’t gone over well with NFL talking heads, the folks who love to stir up controversy with pale versions of the truth.

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The heart of the matter

So what is the heart of the matter?

Simply that the LA Rams methodology works. Since the LA Rams have paired up Head Coach Sean McVay with General Manager Les Snead, the LA Rams have gone 54-25 in the regular season, and 6-3 in the NFL playoffs. Perhaps most of all, these LA Rams are about to compete in their second Super Bowl in the past five years.

It’s easy to be lost in the shuffle of the LA Rams motivations. To an outsider, the Rams front office are just the NFL’s versions of riverboat gamblers, NFL personnel executives who are addicted to dealing high stakes trades simply for the sake of the deal. But to think that would miss the point entirely.