LA Rams tribute video that says it all: ‘From All-In to All Done’

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Building a winner

This LA Rams organization is not about building dream teams, headliners, or assembling an All-Star cast to film the ultimate NFL Hard Knocks. This team is about fulfilling the dreams and legacies of some of the most accomplished and talented players that the NFL has witnessed. That is what binds them to the team.

It was that moment when Aaron Donald’s body and despair swept over him after the loss to the Green Bay Packers that changed everything for the entire LA Rams organization. To that point, the Rams believed that winning a Super Bowl was in their future. But as the Rams had been turned away once more, this time by the Green Bay Packers, doubt crept into the mind of their best and most confident player.

If the LA Rams intend to win anything, they have to do more than let it ride. Stagnation is declining in the NFL. Competing teams are getting better all the time. The methods used by the Rams organization may mystify other teams, but the results are undeniable.

Sustained success

The LA Rams organization remains successful because they see the potential in all players, even those that other teams are willing to part with. In the end, the LA Rams do not end up with players because they love ‘the deal’. Rather this team appreciates adding talent to the roster, and is not stuck in the formalities of drafting their future stars.

255 rookie prospects are drafted into playing for NFL teams each year. But more than double that number are signed after the draft as undrafted rookies can sign with any team of their choosing. The LA Rams are an ideal team to pursue because their track record of giving playing time and opportunities to undrafted players is pretty impressive. That is not even considering the fact that rookies can be mentored by some of the NFL’s best.

The LA Rams have learned that to find success in the NFL, you need to be the initiator. Winning simply does not just ‘happen’. It is the outcome of a deliberate and tireless organizational effort to succeed.

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