Walter Payton MOTY, SB LVI W perfect encore for Rams OT Andrew Whitworth

Mandatory Credit: Super Bowl Media Day 3
Mandatory Credit: Super Bowl Media Day 3 /

LA Rams venerable offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth may not play football after the 2021 NFL Season. While he continues to mull over that decision, he’s certainly not letting that compel him to ease up in the slightest. Even now, as he has reached the unlikely plateau of 40 years of age, the veteran offensive left tackle has more to give back. He is a starter for the LA Rams offensive line, at one of the most physically demanding positions in the NFL.

But demands on the football field are just one part of the legacy of this offensive tackle. The truth of the matter is that he, and his entire family, have been dedicating themselves to giving back to the community his entire career.

Andrew and Melissa Whitworth are throwbacks to an era of the NFL when it was less of a responsibility, and more of a privilege, to give back to the community.  Whether it was in Cincinnati, or in Los Angeles, this noble couple has remained grounded in their willingness to give both of their financial resources, and their time.

It was never an investment to win a reputation or awards. It is simply who they are. Thankfully, the NFL powers-that-be sat up and took notice. If you didn’t notice his career filled with charitable acts to others, you could not help but hear it in his emotionally moving acceptance speeches:

The fact is that the honor of Walter Payton Man of the Year is one of the most coveted distinctions bestowed upon a single player of the NFL. Not only for the fact that it honors the selflessness of players, but it is itself paying tribute to one of the greatest NFL players to ever grace the game of football, Walter Payton.

It’s a bit of a surprise that such an honor was bestowed upon Whitworth at 40 years of age, after 16 NFL seasons, in what could be his last year of competing in the NFL is simply amazing. But now consider the fact that the LA Rams may win Super Bowl LVI by the end of the day on February 13, 2022, and you have to ask the question:

How can Andrew Whitworth top that? Not just winning the award, but in so many positive accolades by coaches and teammates.

By rights, I don’t see how he can top this. Is it time to face the inevitable? I want nothing but the best for the Whitworths. That may mean saying farewell to the sage and indomitable offensive left tackle at the end of this season. It was one helluva run. But most of all, he saved the best for last.

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