Don’t look for LA Rams HC Sean McVay in a broadcast booth

Mandatory Credit: Super Bowl Media Day 15
Mandatory Credit: Super Bowl Media Day 15 /

In any Super Bowl prequel, there is the inevitable storyline out of the left field. With no warning, a narrative suddenly forms around an article that was benign or harmless at first, but after the splicing and cloning process, starts to read like a major Category 5 hurricane is about to hit landfall on the NFL. Right now, that narrative is that LA Rams head coach Sean McVay may decide to settle into a television broadcast booth if he wins Super Bowl LVI.

Sorry folks, but I gotta toss a big ole bullshit flag on that one.

Any question posed in a ‘What if…?’ scenario will get a pensive and temporal response, a reply to a question that was specifically worded. ESPN was there to get McVay’s thoughts about the Super Bowl.

LA Rams head coach Sean McVay is 36 years old and about to compete in his second Super Bowl since taking over the LA Rams to start the 2017 NFL season.  He has compiled an incredible 55-26 record over the past five seasons, plus a 6-3 postseason record. If he wins Super Bowl 56, the question was posed when

The question that prompted his reply asked if he had an ideal work/life balance. Since McVay will be marrying soon, a similar question has surely been posed at home and has prompted a rather open discussion.  Forging a relationship of a permanent nature, one that includes the responsibilities of child-rearing, changes the perspective and priorities of persons as they approach that chapter of their lives.

But who can truly say what the future holds? All anyone can do, including LA Rams HC Sean McVay, is to be directionally correct. Right now, at the precipice of Super Bowl LVI, his second such appearance, but still hoping for the chance to hoist of a Lombardi Trophy in celebrating a triumph.

And so, that has become reports that now LA Rams HC Sean McVay plans to retire? No, that’s not even close to what was said, whether verbatim or in the underlying meaning. You can watch the video embedded above from CBS Sports and tell from their follow-up reporting that there is nothing to see here. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Move along, move along.

Sure, he cannot sustain this intensity for another 25 years. At 36 now, he has shown that he has mastered all but winning a Super Bowl. But if he wins, that will only accelerate the intensity for a year or two. It is tougher to repeat than to win the first one, and that type of ultimate challenge begs McVay to attempt at winning his second.

But for now, it’s all about getting that first win. That first Super Bowl victory. Until that happens, McVay isn’t going anywhere. Once the LA Rams get a Super Bowl win, you can set the alarm.  Perhaps in 10 years or so, okay? But you can start the countdown after the rams win.

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