What if…? Can the LA Rams regroup if McVay goes 0-2 in Super Bowls?

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What if the unthinkable happens? Again?

In much like the same manner after losing Super Bowl LIII, if the Rams lose Super Bowl LVI, there will be some measure of regrouping needed on the team. Will it be simply a fresh coat of paint? Or will this team need to swap out some structural pieces as well?

We know that the Rams will be losing at least two coaches: OC Keven O’Connell to become the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, and Secondary Coach Ejiro Evero is off to assume a defensive coordinator role with the Denver Broncos. But that may be just the tip of the iceberg. Win or lose, the LA Rams will need to restaff their coaches.

Hot. Walter Payton MOTY and a SB LVI victory would be the perfect encore for Rams OT Andrew Whitworth. light

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Also in very similar circumstances, the LA Rams will need to think about the interior offensive line. In 2019, the LA Rams had to replace Rodger Saffold and John Sullivan. In 2022, the same Rams will likely need to replace Austin Corbett and Brian Allen. Again, that will likely happen whether or not the Rams lose Super Bowl LVI.

The lone difference is the fact that the team may persuade offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth to come back for one more season if the team does not win Super Bowl LVI. The team may make a more determined effort to re-sign several key contributors. But resources will fall short long before the shopping list is exhausted.

Each year, all 32 NFL teams undergo some form of transformation. For some teams, that transformation is a full-blown metamorphosis. The team changes executives, coaches, and players. For other teams, it’s a less significant process of molting.  But ultimately, the team must restock the coaching staff, the player depth, and recommit to finding the path to the top of the NFL once more.