Kevin O’Connell: “Sean McVay’s winning culture, I want to replicate that.”

(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

It is no secret that LA Rams offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell is full of emotions. Not only did he just help lead his team to a very dramatic Super Bowl victory, but he did so knowing that win or lose, this would be his last game with the Rams’ organization.  He will now venture on to take on a bigger role elsewhere. Talk about unbearable emotional torque?

After the clock struck double zeros and Super Bowl LVI ended, Kevin O’Connell’s focus and attention turns to the north and to the east. After all, he has been named as the next head coach of the Minnesota Vikings: An opportunity that he just could not pass up, and owes this to Sean McVay.

I spoke to Kevin O’Connell during the Super Bowl Press Conference and asked how coaching with LA Rams head coach Sean McVay made him a better coach.

"“Coaching with Sean and watch him create the culture here (with the Rams) is what I wanna create (with the Vikings)”"

O’Connell said he is very humbled that he got this opportunity to become a head coach and he is thankful for his two seasons with the Rams.

Kevin O’Connell talked very highly about Sean McVay throughout his press conference and the word culture was used multiple times. He stated that creating a culture that everyone, including upper management, buys into is what makes a great team. “it was all created by Sean” is what he said about the team’s culture, and even said Sean gave him an opportunity that he will forever be thankful for.

O’Connell’s last game with the team was one to remember, going out and seizing the victory. He has earned his share of becoming a Super Bowl Champion.

Now, he is officially the incoming head coach of the Vikings and will be introduced as the new guy to lead the team on Thursday, February 17, 2021. As eluded to earlier, his main focus is to do exactly what Sean McVay did when he became head coach in 2017, build and assemble a positive,  supportive, and winning culture.

The Rams will truly miss O’Connell’s knowledge and approachable personality on the coaching staff, but this was a role that has come to practically any coach who has shared a morning cup of coffee with McVay.  One thing is for certain, Kevin O’Connell earned this opportunity, and now is his time to see how far he can take the Minnesota Vikings in 2022 and beyond.

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